is a six-month mentorship, mastermind, and brotherhood journey to fully embody your ALIVE ALIGNED ABUNDANT power while reprogramming your nervous system, alchemizing your core wounds, and harnessing your erotic life force.

Brother, it is time to open your heart, grab your balls, and give your full F*CK YES to this life.

Theo Tehrani

I’ve done a lot of men's work and the container of Emergence is by far the most memorable, powerful, and impactful mens work I’ve been involved with.  

Derek Washington

My life has been impacted in ways that I could only have dreamed of, offering portals into new iterations of me that I am falling more deeply in love with.




Own your purpose and deepest truth while creating with confidence and clarity. No more abandoning who you are to succeed.


Harness your erotic life force. Empower your sexuality. Unleash your primal nature as a service to humanity.

No more Mr. Nice Guy.


Activate your creative ​potential with freedom and ​trust so you can truly ​embody abundance in all ​aspects of your life - money, ​sex, health, and love. No ​more pushing yourself from ​a place of scarcity.  

"Sounds great.

But how do I actually do that?"

The 5 Shifts that EMERGENCE men make to ​step into ALIGNED, ALIVE, ABUNDANCE

The shifts are simple, but not easy. They require commitment, leaning into brotherhood, ​and using the tools and mentorship provided.

Our promise is that if you truly welcome these 5 shifts into your life you will have a ​fundamentally new experience of purpose, sex, money, and relationships.

The program is designed to embed these 5 shifts so deeply that they reprogram your ​nervous system for lasting change.

Golden Circle Frame


Golden Circle Frame



by powerhouse Brothers and Mentors who will mirror your greatness and keep you on track. Cut the individualist bullsh*t and start getting support, for real.

Golden Circle Frame



Connect with your body and your desires while rewiring your physiology and harnessing your sexuality for alignment and easeful productivity.

Golden Circle Frame



Take radical ownership of ​your shadows. Our greatest ​gifts are hiding in our ​deepest wounds. Releasing ​shame is critical to getting ​out of our own way.

Golden Circle Frame




Self-love is f*cking hard but essential to making lasting change in our lives and impact in the world.



-Sam Sadin

The Emergence Methodology

-Christopher Seelig


  • Successful entrepreneur - you have massive capacity and ability to create but ​your business has taken over your life. The stress and anxiety is making you sick. ​You know that you will never realize your true potential unless you take a stand for ​your self-love and pleasure.

  • Solo creator- you have taken the leap into your calling, but hit a plateau. You feel ​stuck or isolated in your work and in an endless cycle of hustle that is killing your ​passion. You are ready to up-level & live in financial abundance.

  • High performer - you're tired of chasing success. You've learned to play the ​game but the hamster wheel and following the other people's rules leaves you ​feeling empty. You are ready for more alignment, to clarify your calling and channel ​your gifts towards what truly matters. Make the hamster wheel your b*tch.

Or, you simply believe that a council of powerhouse brothers and mentors is ​EXACTLY what you need to step into the next phase of your life.

Are you ready

to take flight?



Your Guides



Gold Circle

Atilla is here to support all beings in unleashing their soul purpose onto the world through workshops, immersions, coaching, and mischief. With his training in tantra, conscious kink, Erotic Blueprints, sacred medicine, dance, and shadow-work, Atilla helps reprogram nervous systems to allow and embody the full range of the ecstatic expression of their life force. He has a PhD in social psychology, and has spent prior lifetimes designing large scale social programs that empower millions to lead fully aligned lives. Atilla is also faculty apprentice with the International School of Temple Arts.

Sweetness of truth, ruthlessness of love.



Gold Circle

Spencer is a creative entrepreneur, leadership ​guide, and tantra teacher and facilitator. His ​greatest passion is helping humans to tap into ​and unleash their unique genius while feeling ​fully alive, aligned, and abundant. His training ​covers coaching, tantra, craniosacral therapy, ​breathwork, somatic trauma release, and ​various movement arts. As a coach, he has had ​the privilege of helping others birth some ​amazing things - including working with the ​founding teams of startups that have raised ​over $25M and serving on the board of ​multiple companies.

As an entrepreneur, he founded - an ​organization responsible for coaching ​thousands of leaders at people-first ​organizations. He is here to help you love the ​f*ck out of yourself and your life.

Golden Hexagonal Brushstroke

Why Mentorship & Brotherhood in the same container?

Many 1-1 coaching programs offer insight and awareness but still leave men feeling isolated & lacking the support to integrate and embody the shifts they experience in their 1-1 sessions.

Real transformation requires consistency. We need an integrated web of support - a brotherhood - to have our backs, mirror our greatness and our shadows, and ride alongside our journey in a way that cements change over time.

We are NOT meant to do it alone.

What makes Emergence

truly different?




"Spencer and Atilla bring a deep sense of commitment and craft to doing penetrative ​personal work and the craft of initiating true intimacy in human transformation. Atilla ​brings such passion and felt love - embodying an expansive inspiration to the container. ​His leadership is held in fervent optimism and compassionate awareness, bringing a focus ​to the delicacy of human relating.Spencer holds a deep shamanic archetype of the soul ​warrior, bringing both intensity and integrity, holding the container together. Both are ​committed stewards of transforming collective and individual shadow and acting as ​models and celebrators of sexual healing, liberation of the human spirit. Their work was ​one of the fundamental peak experiences in my life. I felt liberated held and transformed."

-Lucien Vattel

"I’ve done a lot of mens work and the container of Emergence is by far the most ​memorable, powerful, and impactful mens work I’ve been involved with. Atilla & Spencer   ​know the nuances and difficulties of what it means to be a man in a society where things ​change so fast. They are skillful shadow workers who showed me that they have the ​experience to go to the depths with me and hold me with loving and attentive presence as ​I did my own inner work. This container is the perfect initiation for any man feeling the ​call for deeper understanding of yourself, in service of transformation and getting more ​of what you want in your life."

-Theo Tehrani

“Spencer and Atilla together are a solid team. I experience their facilitation and ​leadership is of the highest integrity, while simultaneously being lighthearted. You can ​clearly see their dedication to the work!”

-Mathias Hudgens

"I decided to join Emergence last year during my integration phase following an ISTA ​retreat. I found that it really helped me stay in my emotionally healthy zone - as old tho​ught patterns would begin to reassert themselves I would have one of my weekly Emerg​ence meetings and it kept me on course. The consistent devotion to maintaining a d​aily practice, coupled with being held accountable to my growth goals really transforme​d my life in drastic ways. On a tangible level, I used Emergence as my commitment to mysel​f to enter the sacred sexuality field as a sexual healer. And it worked! I now am a sexual he​aler and am making more money from this than my main job and love what I do and feel ​I am making a positive difference in the world. Thank you for creating such a transformat​ive, beautiful offeri​ng."

-Katerina Phoenix (a gender non-binary trans person)

"My journey with Emergence was a deep and transformative experience. The container ​was welcoming and I felt safe to be vulnerable yet was challenged to stay true to my word ​and live up to my highest potential. I made many deep and lasting connections with the ​other brothers and know that at any time I could call on one of them for support. ​Especially impactful was the week-long retreat where we deeply dove into the floorboards ​of our psyches and supported each other in somatic-based emotional release sessions. ​The Emergence has been most impactful to me by helping me to courageously share my ​whole self with the world without fear or regret, so that I may have an even bigger and ​more beautiful impact on others.

-Sam Sadin